Private Session

You can have an on line or presencial session as this is an energetic process. Through guided meditation Meri will help you to get in contact with your Soul and get information you need at this moment of your life.

After having finished the Past Life Regression Session you will see with clarity your problem and solutions. If you want to to continue with psychological/emotional and spiritual therapy you can pay additional session and decide in conversation with Meri what is the best therapy for you.

Emotional Healing Therapy

Emotional wounds can come from this life or from past lives and they are beyond “sadness”,  felt in the depths of your being. You need to stay with your wounds, feel and accept them. Finally through therapy you will be strong enough to release your wounds.

Karma Liberation

The quality of life in general depends on our karma. Getting rid of bad karma simply means getting rid of negative impressions that bind us in this life. Through this session you will be able to understand your Karma Diagram and to eliminate bad ones.

Trauma and Abuse Counselling

The effects of  emotional, physical or sexual abuse, might be long-term and short-term for  victims. It can take years to heal and can follow them through their future relationships. That’s why it is a very important “integral approach” from different techniques to accelerate that healing process.

A Relationship Therapy

This session is about talking to the couple, picking out exactly what their issues are, and helping them come up with a plan to solve any problems they may be having.

Spiritual Healing Therapy

Sometimes our problems have an unexplained cause and do not have conventional solutions. In that case through spiritual healing therapy we can find out if there is a presence of paranormal activities.

Sex Therapy

Sex and intimacy are very important for overall physical and mental health. Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that also takes into account possible physical problems. It can be individual or couple sessions therapy.

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