Helping people use their own power to create their ideal life.

You have come to the right place if you

  • want to find your life's purpose

  • do not know how to face some challenges

  • want to connect with your loved ones at the Other Invisible Side

  • wonder if you have had past lives with persons you already know in this life

Even if you do not believe in past lifes you can find the solution of your current problems through regression. The information you get during session can reach a level of life transformation. 

It is a subconscious process which helps you to understand the spiritual resources you have, eternal nature of your existence and karmic lessons you are to learn. Past life therapy may have many benefits for your personal and professional life, including emotional, financial, sexual and many other problems.


Due to unprocessed experience you are often stuck in some problematic situation and by releasing it through Past Life Therapy you get empowered to use your own talents and carry forward the lessons due to be done in this life.

Not so long ago Meri Ilich was running NGO Slav Home in Barcelona helping with her team of volunteers  immigrants from Slav countries and many other east European and Asian countries to start new life in Spain. The association has been founded in 2007 and was also a base for numerous cultural, social and artistic activities from International festivals, exhibitions to the conferences on gender equity and leadership.

Her Catalan partner, cofounder of Slav Home, Merce Sala, used to say about her: Meri is a tireless one-man orchestra with thousands of ideas and projects at the same time and various personal and professional activities during the day.

Long time ago in 1993 Meri was working with UNPROFOR in the last war in Yugoslavia as an interpreter and taking part in humanitarian help in Vukovar.

Before that she was a Mum in Yugoslavia, professor of English and business woman running a center of Health and Beauty in her town.

After the divorce she started to work in Vukovar in Croatia and in 2 years she moved from there to Spain with her two sons. There she got formation as a Life, professional and political coach, training as an emotional therapist and learnt past life regressions from Brian Weiss. The contact with other dimensions were not rare for her and neither the dreams relieving the future or bringing her the messages of Angels. But all her knowledge and experiences had got a real form and definition since January of 2016 when she left Barcelona and started to travel. At the moment she is on her third world round trip and her mission is to help people remember their past life and find a remedy for the problems they are facing actually.


Yes, you understood it well, Meri is neither medium nor fortune teller but she is getting messages from Angels, visits from the spirits, and she has ability to help you see your past life as well as your future, but only if you are ready to believe it. 

In every country she is doing something related to her values, collaborating with Government, helping some NGO or Charity, running free workshops, and of course giving sessions of Past Life. Even she finds time and energy to give some theatre presentation for children and her stand-up comedy.


All that experience has enabled her with enormous empathy for the pain of others and capacity of one-man orchestra has made her able to analyse and understand sometimes very subtle connections between past life experience and this life problem.


Not only she was at the seminars of Brian Weiss but also in one of her previous lives she had lived in Kashmir with the same mission she is having now. The only difference is that now she also has to create by her work a bridge between Western and Eastern philosophy. She is enjoying her life, and she is full of unconditional love for every person she is meeting. And by the way in those 4 years of travelling she has found almost 20 of her own past lives memories and fell again in Love with somebody she had known in her previous life.


Even if you do not believe in a past life you will have the advantage of the session with Meri getting the information your subconscious will give you like more than 120 other clients already have had and managed to understand their actual situation and future possibilities.

About Meri Ilic

Meri Ilich is a Past LIfe Regression Therapist, Happiness Coach, writer, motivational speaker, an actress and a president of Casa Eslava association in Barcelona, Spain. 


Since January 2016 she is traveling around the world helping people, giving conferences, workshops and searching for her new home. Currently, she has finished her third world around trip and her new home will be in Jaipur, India for the next two years,

2020 y 2021.

Meri Ilich is also a writer and up to now she has published:

“I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die.”

― Isaac Asimov

Have you ever looked back at your life and wanted to do something meaningful with it but don't know how? Only  you need is a hand to guide you.

Meri Ilich is not just another coach, she tries to make a world better place and she has made a remarkable difference in the lives of her clients.

She is an intercultural Spiritual Life and executive Coach certified by TISOC International school of Coaching, Barcelona  (member of the IAC, International Coaching Community). She has been a student of ANE (Academy of Neuroscience & Education, TS-Holding) and also

has been studying with professionals such as:

  • Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan (NLP, Generative collaboration);

  • T. Harv Eker ( Millionaire Mind);

  • Joe Dispenza (Your Mind Creates Reality);

  • Talane Miedaner (Success Coaching); 

  • Steve Wells (Tapping for Sucess); *Montse Ceide-Kamala (EFT - Emotional freedom technic);

  • Nick Orthner (The Tapping Solution) 

  • ICF, Madrid (Political coaching); *TISOC-Barcelona (Health coaching; Life coaching);

  • Miguel Angel Romero and Jose Pedro Garcia (Live from coaching, Trainer of the trainers, Free to be, Trainer´s dynamics);

  • Johnny Melville and Jango Edwards (Coaching through clown methodology);

  • Espai Ludic (Therapeutic theatre); *Anna Maria Oliva (A trip from technology to Consiciousness);

  • Ryan Eliason (Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network);

More about Meri

Googling Meri


 WORKSHOPS are about past life memories:

- Travel through Time

Our subconcious is a place where the memory of past life is saved, by guided meditation you can remember it.

- Love at First Memory

What we think is love at first sight indeed is that our soul remembers the person we had been in love in some previous life.

- Money Healing through Past Life Memories

The most of our money issues come from Karmic lessons we bring to this life.

- Soul Constellation

Based on Family Constellation practice this workshop is giving another dimension to our understanding of Karma, Dharma and Life itself.


 Meri Ilich is also a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER giving conferences on diverse themes as personal growth, happiness, gender equity, youth leadership, past life memories...


What is a Session of Past Life Memory with Meri?

Through guided meditation Meri will help you to find the information you are seeking. Sometimes you can get directly the answer for your question and sometimes is different information which is more needed at this moment of your life. Through subconscious information you will get in contact with the lives you have lived in the past, and you will see possible opportunity ahead of today.

There is no need to be physically present for Meri to do this as the session is an energetic process.


Every session has 3 sections:

1. Conversation about your actual situation

You will get an honest understanding of your “NOW” how you are operating at this moment. It helps your Soul and Meri to orient their action in this session.

2. Traveling with your Soul through Time

First to Past Life Memories. Based on your questions you will begin the journey through Time. There are many different questions you can ask, personal, professional, emotional, spiritual… Your soul will let you get information you need at this moment of your life. Sometimes it is more clear sometimes less but at the end of the session you will have explication.

Very often Soul shows three different lives or just one with a lot of details. Some people enter in 5 different lives. It is important to be open-minded and be present with a heart not with a brain during the session.

Some details will be visible and some will be released by Meri in afterward conversation.

Sometimes when it is needed Soul enters After Life Space

And there you meet the Souls which are important for your actual life.

After that your Soul will visit your Future. There are persons who directly go to the future of this life and also persons who jump to some new life and next century or even different planet.

Knowing the possibilities of your actual Life Future after seeing the roots of the problems you are facing now is very helpful.

3. Answer any additional questions you might have during the session

The process is interactive and in this part you will get her help as a coach and an emotional therapist, how to reach from today situation the possibility you have seen in your Future.


PRIVATE SESSIONS can be done face to face or at a distance by Whats App or Skype call. For more details send a message to contact address.

For more details and PAYMENT CONDITIONS send a message to contact address.


Christian, France

Thank you so much Mery for your wonderful patience and your generous time you took for me. It was very baffling for me : I had no idea what was regression was but after a long time I succeeded to leave my mind in peace and you were there to help me doing so. But success doesn't mean anything if one doesn't help you to comprehend in what it can help you in your search for a better comprehension of yourself and that is your final goal that left me re-questionning myself on a different level. You are a great guide!

Seetashma, Bangladesh

Meri is amazing. She healed me when I lost the love of my life in a tragic accident. The online therapy I had with her followed with the face to face lesson helped me heal. It took time but it was great and I recommend it more than going to a counsellor.

Mehta, Bangladesh

Meri came to my life when I really needed. I was emotionally confused, trapped and not sure how to go forward in my life journey. My session with her opened different realization for me. Realization of what has been stopping me and my struggles have a connection with my past lives... 

Thank you Meri for coming to my life and thank you your guidance and thank you for the great healing experience


“For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.” ― Brian L. Weiss

V.B., Barcelona


The experience I had with Meri was indescribable. Through her sessions she gets you to open your mind and forget about the present. I got to see 3 past lives and one future life and it was amazing. It really helped me a lot to understand my current life and to see why I am the way I am. I also saw some people I know today in my past lives ... To me it was like a click, I could even say a life changing experience... Meri also helps you understand what it actually means... I’m happy I met Meri and now I could talk about my personal experience. So thank you, from heart.

Valentina, Dhaka

My friends invited me to the presentation of Meri where she explained about her journey with regression to past lives. I was impressed by her openness and fearless to be judged by the audience when she talked about the meeting of souls after death, or the facts that some of us have been animals or creature from other planets in our past lives...

The day of the session I was a bit nervous before meeting Meri
Every session I guess is a personal experience... I think that what I saw in my past and future are a mirror of my personal journey and of the personal issues I have been working on so far. Or as Meri put it, it is a message from our karma showing us blockages we need to overcome.

Nirdesh, Nepal

Mo Mola Palpasa Coffee

Meri was in our café bar in Kathmandu in Nepal and we decided to run some events of the past life regression therapy at our coffee shop. First we hosted an event at the cafe and more than 30 people attended the event and around 10 people signed up for the session with her including myself. We all had a very positive outcome from the session and everyone were happy. Meri uses meditation instead of hypnosis to take people to their past life and help them find answers. Wish her all the best in her future experiences changing people’s lives. Thank you.

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