International trainer & Past Life Regression Therapist / Future Life Progression Therapist / Emotional Therapist / Life & Professional Coach / Expert in Kármic Diagrams / helping clients around the Globe via Online and Face to Face Therapy sessions.

Reincarnation beliefs are known from very early times and Meri has memories of her life in Kashmir 200 years before Christ as a woman Guru working with Past Life Healings.

If you are just curious or a serious spiritual seeker – this is your place.

You are here to develop a greater understanding of who you are, where you come from, and where you are going.

For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.
― Brian L. Weiss

Meri Ilich has established her own way of healing practice focused on the integration of physical, spiritual and emotional healing. She is active sharing her discoveries, and beliefs about our immortal life in the spirit world. Starting from Brian Weiss theory she has begun her own spiritual and physical journey making three world round trips since January 2016 till January 2020. Throughout that karmic journey she discovered 23 lives of her own, two karmic loves, and five life stories of a healer.

Meri used all that experience to help many people all over the world to make conexión between their past life memories, karma and actual life situation.


The experience I had with Meri was beyond words. Through her sessions she gets you to open your mind and forget about the present.

I got to see three past lives and one future life and it was amazing. It really helped me a lot to understand my current life and to see why I am the way I am. I also saw some people I know today in my past lives…

To me it was like a click, I could even say a life changing experience… Meri also helps you understand what it actually means…

I’m happy I met Meri and now I could talk about my personal experience. So thank you, from heart.

It is my mission to reach one million souls with spiritual healing while creating a bridge between western science, and east spirituality.

Thank you so much Mery for your wonderful patience and your generous time you took for me.

It was very baffling for me: I had no idea what a regression was, but after a long time I succeeded to leave my mind in peace and you were there to help me doing so.

But success doesn’t mean anything if one doesn’t help you to comprehend in what it can help you in your search for a better comprehension of yourself and that is your final goal that left me re-questionning myself on a different level. You are a great guide!

Meri is dedicating her time to heal emotional traumas our Soul is wearing through many lives and to help people change their future for better.  She is also a devoted advisor to couples with relationship problems, able to put you in contact with your loved ones from other dimensions and can treat the presence of spirits in your life.

Private Session

You can have an on line or presencial session as this is an energetic process. Through guided meditation Meri will help you to get in contact with your Soul and get information you need at this moment of your life.

This experience is the gateway to the super sub-conscious level, and every memory your soul is showing to you is the starting point of your healing process.

Regression to Past Life helps you to understand who you had been before in relation to who you are now; it helps you understand the roots and possible solutions of your health, family, love and money issues.


Meri was in our café bar in Kathmandu in Nepal and we decided to run some events of the past life regression therapy at our coffee shop.

First we hosted an event at the cafe and more than 30 people attended the event and around 10 people signed up for the session with her including myself.

We all had a very positive outcome from the session and everyone were happy. Meri uses meditation instead of hypnosis to take people to their past life and help them find answers. Wish her all the best in her future experiences changing people’s lives. Thank you.


My friends invited me to the presentation of Meri where she explained about her journey with regression to past lives.

I was impressed by her openness and fearless to be judged by the audience when she talked about the meeting of souls after death, or the facts that some of us have been animals or creature from other planets in our past lives. The day of the session I was a bit nervous before meeting Meri. Every session I guess is a personal experience.

I think that what I saw in my past and future are a mirror of my personal journey and of the personal issues I have been working on so far. Or as Meri put it, it is a message from our karma showing us blockages we need to overcome.

The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself. Make peace with your broken pieces.

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